Helping you to increase market share and financial growth is our business commitment. Whether as a Real Estate Agent or the Corporate Head of a large Real Estate organization, you both have parallel objectives; stay in business, become profitable and increase profitability on a consistent and constant pace. An easy to understand Real Estate industry concept but not always an easy progression.

Our most successful clients have one thing in common - they embrace the fact that CHANGE is an active necessity. Seasonality and Market Conditions, as an example, may be uncontrollable Consumer reactions but how the Real Estate Professional adjusts his or her business development activities, dialogues, techniques and strategies will make the difference in that Agent's and Organization's achievement of either an average or super performance.

We invite you to browse these pages and become familiar with our diversified menu of standing and customized Key Note Speaker Topics, Seminars, Workshops, Productivity Programs, Performance Coaching, Multi-Level Training and Business Enhancement Tools.

With a special invitation from our CEO, Debra Asher, we encourage you to join her in weekly Blogs and scheduled Webcasts and Webinars.


April 2014

A Business Plan Is An Important Tool For A Successful REALTOR. No Seminars and No Big Fees. Only $15.00 - For More Information:
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Debra Asher Will Be A Featured Speaker or Conducting Seminars, Workshops and In-Office Sessions in the following Locations:


  • April 1st    Queens County, NY
  • April 2nd  Nassau County, NY
  • April 3rd    Queens County, NY
  • April 7th    Pink Tie Fund Raiser  
  • April 8th    Queens County, NY
  • April 9th    Rockland County, NY
  • April 10th  Nassau County, NY
  • April 14th  Richmond County, NY
  • April 15th  Queens County, NY
  • April 17th  Nassau County, NY
  • April 21st  Queens County, NY
  • April 22nd  Queens County, NY
  • April 24th  Westchester County, NY
  • April 28th  Queens County, NY